Wednesday, August 10, 2005

"HAIR of the ALIEN" & Whitley Strieber's Journal

"Hair of the Alien" - "the single most convincing fact ever found in support of the physical reality of aliens" - Whitley Strieber - in "Whitley's Journal", Sunday August 7th, 2005

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Whitley Strieber, author of the bestselling "Communion" and other books on the "visitor" phenomenon, discusses my book "Hair of the Alien" in his Journal on the Unknown Country web site. His interview with me should appear on his Dreamland radio show towards the end of August, which can be accessed via the Unknown Country web link. A further interview was also done for the subscriber section, which goes into issues more deeply.

My perspective is described in the book. For example: (pg. 246)
While the Peter Khoury case confirms the utility of the DNA forensic approach, the real challenge ahead for researchers is to determine if these anomalies are both valid and significant. To do this, abduction researchers should cooperate in a testing program focused on DNA profiling. Testing a significant number of legitimate samples would provide an opportunity for validation of the unusual anomalies found to date. Additional results would add to the database of biological evidence of alleged alien specimens. Such a strategy could help us determine whether the aliens are a biological reality and if indeed any of them are visiting our planet and abducting humans.


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I look forward to you on Dreamland. I finally got to listen to your c2c show the other night and it was awesome!

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