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Hacking the real or the unreal - the ultimate secret?

Hacking the real or the unreal - the ultimate secret?

Cao Xueqin (c.1760) had other things in mind when he wrote:
"Truth becomes fiction when the fiction's true;
Real becomes not-real when the unreal's real"
(Translation by David Hawkes, Penguin Classics, 1973)

Cao was writing about entering "The Land of Illusion" in his epic Chinese literary classic "The Dream of the Red Chamber". I used this arresting quote to open my new book "HAIR of the ALIEN".

But in the context of "UFO secrets" Churchill's wartime maxim on counterintelligence & deception is perhaps equally relevant:
"Truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies."
Such thoughts and a bit of nostalga entered my thoughts learning of Jon Ronson's interview with Gary McKinnon in the Guardian (July 9, 2005). Ronson (of the gonzo romps "THEM - Adventures with Extremists" (2001) and "The Men who stare at Goats" (2004) talked with McKinnon about the latters addled hacking adventures, which it was suggested might get him 70 years in a US jail. McKinnon said he was inspired by the hopes of getting at the US government's UFO secrets. Seems apart from some material related to "non-terrestrial officers" viewed apparently while he was stoned at a computer, little solid UFO material was accessed by McKinnon.

THis reminded me of a phone call I received a few years ago. Somebody was telling me that they had hacked into some ultra secret government UFO documents they were willing to share. A bit of probing revealed a tale tissue thin - the so called ultra secret documents were nothing more than Bill Cooper's wild and demented offerings accessed by my underwhelming caller via an internet enquiry anyone could have made.

Such tales of hacking treasures in the secret UFO vaults need to be challenged. If they survive a critical gauntlet then maybe, only maybe, they might be worth examining. Today the internet and other outlets are full of dubious material and researchers need to expose the fallacies where they can. Hopefully tales about the ultimate secret might eventually yield something of merit.

Back in 1988 in the heyday of the MJ12 controversy I sat down with Tony Jones (then of ABC TV "Four Corners", now of "Lateline") and Greg Hunter (then senior editor of Australian Penthouse, and more recently biographer of Ian Thorpe) at my place. Both were interested in trying to nail down the saga of the great UFO secrets! Tony never got Four Corners to do a UFO show, and Greg stunned by the convoluted complexity of the story asked me instead to write the article. That was back in the days where you could almost justify the pretense of reading "Australian Penthouse" for the articles rather than the pictures ....

I took up the challenge interviewing Bill Moore, Linda Moulton Howe and Robert Emenegger along the way. The result was an article "UFOs - the Ultimate Secret" - in the December 1988 issue that attracted an editorial compliment - an "impressive investigation" - and even clandestine responses of its own - you know, the stuff of "cloak & dagger" rendezvous in various places to be told "secret" tales.

I concluded my article then with the following:
"Ultimately, there is no absolute proof of any of this. It is impossible to say with any certainty just what is going on. We could be dealing with:
* real extra-terrestrial contact - a cosmic watergate - in which Churchill's wartime maxim of counterintelligence may rule ...
* one of the biggest hoaxes in history;
* a Space Age technological expression of the urban legend syndrome ...
* some sort of extraordinary clandestine intelligence gambit - an excercise in disinformation and deception.
It is possible we could be seeing a combination of these possibilities. Or maybe the answer lies in some other direction. As they say in the news flashes, we await further developments."
I've thought about revisiting the saga, now even far more convoluted and complex, in a follow-up piece, but "Australian Penthouse" is now not the magazine it once was, where perhaps an in-depth article might find a place - perhaps some other forum ...

Even now, more than 15 years down the track, with offerings like the Woods Majestic documents investigation controversy, "Case MJ-12" from Kevin Randle, "Project Beta - the story of Paul Bennewitz, National Security, and the creation of a Modern UFO Myth" by Greg Bishop, Robert Collins & Richard Doty's offering "Exempt from Disclosure: The Disturbing case about the UFO Coverup", and even Nick Redfern's "Body Snatchers in the Desert - the horrible truth at the heart of the Roswell saga", the game is clearly still afoot (apologies to Sherlock Holmes).

Bill Chalker


Blogger Lesley said...

I was very excited about the Gary McKinnon hacking info until I realized he did nothing with this information. It seems strange to me. I would have at least printed it out and sent copies to every UFO researcher I know of. If he did really find that it is such a shame he did nothing with it.

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Blogger Weight Watcher said...

Visualization is a tool that has been used for thousands of years by initiates of all the metaphysical schools. Today, it is incorporated into top athlete's daily routines and is used in business affairs frequently. It's use is wide-spread among highly successful people, either consciously or unconsciously, aware of its create power. So if it has stood the test of time and is still being used by high achievers we must come to the conclusion that it works! But has it ever worked for you?

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If all you had to do was just imagine stuff and your world automatically changed to reflect your imaginings this world would be full of chaos (not to mention all those creepy crawly bug-eyed monsters!). Therefore, there are a few more steps to complete before the visualization is passed to the subconscious for manifestation.

Let's try a little experiment. Remember a scene from your past that has a lot of good feelings around it. Any good memory will do, like the first time you heard the words "I love you" from your partner, an amazingly spectacular sunset, a great holiday event or your last birthday. Pick one and remember it. How clear is the image? Can you remember any sounds? What way did you feel? Is there any sense of touch, taste or smell? Identify how your memory works. Is it mostly visual, auditory, kinaesthetic or of a feeling nature?

Now we are going to create an imagined event in our lives that has the same strength and potency as that image. So relax and let's go.

Imagine something that you do everyday, something that you did yesterday, today and will do tomorrow. Let us take the example of waking up tomorrow morning. Don't try to add or take anything away, just think about it and analyse the scene. Is it dark or light? Are you lying next to someone in bed? Do you still feel tired? Has the alarm clock sounded? Are you irritable that you have to get up or full of joy at the dawn of a new day?

You will find that the imagined event is very similar to the memory with probably one key difference - your point of perspective. Is the memory behind you and the future event in front of you? Is one to the left and one to the right? Maybe they are both in front of you or the future seems to move in a clockwise direction. Whatever the perspective the thing to notice is that they are very similar in appearance.

Now imagine doing your future event a week from now, then a month from now, then six months from now. Where are those images placed? Are they moving further away, going clockwise, from left to right? This is your time-line and using it is important in visualization as you will see later.

Ok, let's imagine something that is very unlikely to happen and see where it differs from the last image.

Imagine you are sitting somewhere familiar which is extremely comfortable and relaxing to you. Now imagine that a person you know well comes up to where you are and says "hello". Imagine them telling you that they want to show you a new trick. All of a sudden they have three juggling balls. They throw them in the air and begin to juggle with ease. Then they begin to whistle one of your favourite tunes. You suddenly realize that there is a strong smell of flowers in the room and notice a vase of them just behind the juggler. Imagine laughing loudly at the scene and feeling joyful at the experience. Then the person juggling leans forward stands on leg and puts the other leg outstretched behind them. All the while still juggling and whistling. Then they begin to hop on their leg as a small bird flies over to perch on their head. Once you have the imagined event and stayed with it a few moments just let it fade.

Ok open your eyes. What was the difference between the two images? Can you spot any? Did you use more, less or roughly the same senses in your fantasy event as you did in the future one? Did you see them from different angles? Was the picture bigger in one than the other? Was the sound clearer, the feelings more acute or the smell stronger? Take some time and go back to each scene in your mind. How does the future event differ from the fantasy one? Are you looking at both from a different vantage point? Do you see yourself in the image of one but not the other? Analyse the scenes and see where they differ.

Have you identified how the future event differs from the fantasy one? If you have then its time to make visualization work for you! Take a goal that you have been working on or would like to achieve. Nothing too far-fetched at this point please! Pick something that is possible but at the moment seems a little impractical. Once you have it form a mental image of what it would be like to have, be or do that thing or be in that experience. Remember to form it the same way you do a memory. Give it the same strength visually, in sound, feeling, taste and touch - use your mind in its natural state. All you have to do is imagine the scene.

Ok how does it differ from the scene of waking in the morning? Can you identify the differences in perspective, sound, taste, touch, feelings and what you hear?

Now there will be one other key thing that differs in the images- it is very simple but often overlooked. You know that the future event is going to happen! This is reflected in the way we experience the image. So what we are going to do is fool your subconscious mind into thinking your goal is definitely going to happen by manipulating your goal image!

Once you know what the differences are in each image begin to change the goal image so that it is seen the same way as the future event in your imagination. Place the visualized scene in exactly the same position with the same perspective as your future event.

Place it in the correct position on your time-line. You may already begin to feel that the goal is more possible. Visualise in this way everyday and you will condition your subconscious mind to manifest the experiences necessary to make your goal attainment certain.

One more thing to remember: During the day think about your goal often. This reinforces the visualization and will begin to dispel doubt from your mind.

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