Tuesday, July 05, 2005

HAIR of the ALIEN - the CCR5 deletion factor

HAIR of the ALIEN - the CCR5 deletion factor

In my new book "HAIR of the ALIEN" I describe a range of intriguing DNA properties that were found in the hair sample recovered from the strange encounter Peter Khoury had in Sydney Australia in 1992. One of the more provocative results was the suggestion that the strange hair, that apparently came from a tall Nordic type female entity, had the CCR5 deletion factor, which has been implicated in conferring viral resistance in some humans to conditions such as HIV/AIDS and possibly smallpox. In the book I describe the results we found in the "alien" hair sample.

I cautiously used conservative data about the CCR5 deletion mutation in the human genome, which suggested recent origin (perhaps about 5,000 years ago) and rare occurence amongst the planetary human population, being mainly found at a low percentage among peoples of north east European descent.

The implication that this unusual genetic mutation was present in the the hair sample, which had already yielded unusual results, perhaps had some significance, given that many witnesses reported aliens interacting with our environment, without any apparent concerns or precautions with regard to human or other earthly illnesses.

The CCR5 deletion factor has been under intensive scientific examination to determine the nature of its origin and its possible utility in fighting diseases. While mutations often have negative results, none seem to have been highlighted to date in this case.

Alison Galvani and John Novembre report in "The evolutionary history of the CCR5-delta 32 HIV-resistance mutation" (Microbes and Infection 7 (2005) 301-308) , "intriguingly, this allele is young in evolutionary time, yet it has reached relatively high frequencies in Europe. These properties indicate that the mutation has been under intense positive selection. HIV-1 has not exerted selection for long enough on the human population to drive the CCR5-delta32 allele to current frequencies, fuelling debate regarding the selective pressures responsible for rise of the allele." Galvani & Novembre, extending earlier research ( for example Galvani & Slatkin, "Evaluating plague and smallpox as historical selective pressures for the CCR5-delta 32 HIV-resistance allele", PNAS, December 9, 2003, Vol. 100, No. 25) argue for smallpox rather than the consensus view of the plague. The plagues occurrence was too intense, restricted in occurrence both in time and place, and of too recent impact to be the main factor in the origin of the CCR5 deletion factor. Smallpox has been around far longer and according to Galvani & Novembre is a more likely candidate. Controversy continues about the mutations age and origin.

Given the arguments of population, geographical and temporal pressures on evolutionary selection for the mutation, it seems to be that the smallpox argument still has its problems, given that its origins are generally thought to be in Africa, then spreading through India and China, before reaching Europe and later America. Despite this the CCR5 deletion mutation is conspicuous in its absence in the populations of Africa, India and China, according to existing data. Thus the argument of Darwinian selection pressure seems wanting. Obviously mainstream science is not openly contemplating alternatives, such as directed panspermia or non-Darwinian intelligent intervention at some point in our past. Maybe some radical thinking might be in order. Meanwhile the pace of genetic research is revealing fascinating evidence for consideration in the area of unusual mutatations, polymorphisms and other genetic anomalies.

Bill Chalker


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