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HAIR of the ALIEN - DNA paradigm, teleportation & "Elle-maids"?

HAIR of the ALIEN - DNA paradigm, teleportation & "Elle-maids"?

The extraordinary encounter Peter Khoury had with two strange female entities in his Sydney Australia home back in July 1992 provided my APEG team with a strange hair sample which ultimately yielded striking DNA results suggestive of advanced cloning & DNA techniques. This incredible case is a potent touchstone for the primary focus of my new book "HAIR of the ALIEN - DNA and other Forensic Evidence of Alien Abduction". The nature of the DNA evidence in this case supports the claims of Peter Khoury that he had a confronting encounter with a blonde female being, which seemed to involve bizarre behavioural elements. In an attempt to stop the claustrophobic and overpowering nature of the entity's actions - forcing him to her breast - Khoury bit her! He began to cough in apparent reaction. The strange pair are suddenly gone, in just as mysterious circumstances as their arrival in side what was thought to be a secure house. "There is important evidence of the women's presence to be recovered and a story to be told."

The hair sample and the intriguing DNA data that emerged from it anchor Peter Khoury's experience in reality. It is not the stuff of hoaxing, delusion, hallucination or other prosaic factors.

How did these strange women arrive and leave so suddenly? - a phenomenon often reported in UFO abduction experiences. The initial strange perception of the women by Peter Khoury (like he was seeing himself through a transparent version of himself) was rapidly replaced by the certainty for Peter Khoury that these women were really present. The hair sample recovered and the DNA results attest to that reality. Without that evidence it would have been tempting to view the encounter in rather more non-concrete terms - a vision, an apparition or a hallucination? Given the evidence perhaps the visitors arrival was facilitated by some phenomena such as what we might speculate as being "teleportation".

During an open line segment on a ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission) radio programme on March 24 1975 a caller identifying himself as Mr. Campbell described a "teleportation" (Star Trek style "beam up") experience he claimed he witnessed at his home not far from the US base in north western Australia at North West Cape. After observing a UFO passing low over the sea, Campbell claimed that later that evening at his home, while trying to recall details of the event, he felt "a telepathic presence in the room." Campbell said he felt this presence seemed to move closer as if engaged in watching him. He looked around and saw nothing, but somehow got the impression that the "presence" was about 5 feet 6 inches tall. Campbell claimed he tired of this situation and turned around and looked at the invisible "presence" at what would have been eye level and said, "Good day, mate." Campbell professed to not be prepared for what happened next, neither it seemed was the "presence". Campbell said he could see the shimmer of a form taking place. A feeling of coldness pervaded the room as a figure formed by striated horizontal bands of blue and yellow light began to appear. Even Campbell likened it to the TV show Star Trek "beam up" effect. Then just as quickly as it had appeared this manifestation started to reverse itself and then there was nothing, save a seemingly mental "telepathic concept" communicated to Campbell, to the effect of "clever" or "smart". Campbell surmised that when he turned around and said "hello", the "presence" must have thought it was visible, and began a process to rectify the apparent situation. Immediately realising it was becoming visible, Campbell thought, the "presence" reversed the process again, projecting the thought to Campbell that he was being "clever" or "smart". Two further "presences" appeared in his bedroom, one apparently amid the wooden bed structure. Campbell's wife began to wake up. He "suggested" to the "presences" they leave. With that, they apparently did and Campbell claimed there was an associated loud clicking noise as though some reforming process was occuring in the wooden bed structure in the wake of the "presences" departure. While the account is antecdotal it still captures some of the realities claimed by others who report encounters with "teleporting" UFO entities.

Dr. David Darling (author of "The Extraterrestrial Encyclopedia", "The Universal Book of Mathematics" and "Life Everywhere - the Maverick Science of Astrobiology") has just had a book published entitled "Teleportation - the Impossible Leap". He was quoted at saying, "Any strange comings and goings are candidates for teleportation, although you would obviously have to eliminate all mundane explanations first... According to reports, some UFOs do appear and disappear quite abruptly, which would fit in with the basic idea of teleportation. " The same can be suggested for many accounts of alleged encounters with aliens here on Earth. Darling speculated, "We might expect advanced aliens to be occassionally beaming in to check on our progress as a species."

While aspects of the 1992 encounter (such as the recovered hair sample and its intriguing DNA, and the unknown nature of the arrival and departure of the strange women) resonate powerfully with the idea that we might be dealing with some bizarre form of interaction with an advanced alien presence intruding into our world, the events also resonate with other strange, but perhaps rather more nebulous aspects of our past.

Sydney researcher Steve Walters drew my attention to the following strange tale from Scandanavian folklore which is striking in its similarities with Peter Khoury's encounter with the "Nordic" blonde female entity. Thomas Keightley records the story of the "Elle-maid" in his classic 1880 study "The Fairy mythology" (republished as "The World Guide to Gnomes, Fairies, Elves and other Little People").

"A farmer's boy was keeping cows not far from Ebeltoft (a village in North Jutland, current Denmark). There came to him a very fair and pretty girl, and she asked him if he was hungry or thirsty. But when he perceived that she guarded with the greatest solicitude against his getting a sight of her back, he immediately suspected that she must be an Elle-maid, for the Elle-people (Elf people) are hollow behind. He accordingly would give no heed to her, and endeavoured to get away from her; but when she perceived this, she offered him her breast that he should suck her. And so great was the enchantment that accompanied this action, that he was unable to resist it. But when he had done as she desired him, he had no longer any command of himself, so that she had now no difficulty in enticing him with her. He was three days away .... (Upon his return) He slept for many days as the enchantment had lasted ..."

While the Khoury sample DNA evidence invited some strange speculations that nudged the often discussed similiarities between alien abduction experiences and the fairy lore tradition, it is fair to say that there are more differences between fairy lore accounts and alien abduction accounts than there are similarities. Therein lies the quandary - a connection or a damaging distraction?


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I will have to look in to that. =)
Thanks for posting it up.

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UFO science and technology is not fiction.
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Enjoy the ride.
Enjoying your talk on coast to coast.

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I found your Coast to Coast AM talk fascinating. I stayed up til 5 a.m. listening. I hope your new book will be made into a feature film!

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