Wednesday, June 22, 2005

FUGO Balloon bombs, Unit 731 & strange journeys

THE CLOUD ATLAS is a striking novel by Liam Callanan which weds the bizarre Fugo balloon bomb attacks on America and the shadow of Unit 731 in a potent journey through the nether world of the fear of "weapons of mass destruction". I read the novel last year and found to it to be a fine journey of the mind, which now remarkably resonates with aspects of the latest take on the Roswell saga:
"THEY" WERE LAID out on two long metal tables, side by side in a makeshift morgue. I didn't get a very good view; Gurley and the other officers had closed in a relatively tight cordon around the two bodies, one of which was covered, the other not.
- pg. 209, "The Cloud Atlas" by Liam Callanan (2004)
If you are looking for a great read check out "The Cloud Atlas".

Bill Chalker


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