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The Tully "daylight disc" & "saucer nest" effect

The Tully "daylight disk" and what it did: I constructed this montage to show what farmer George Pedley saw at 9 a.m. January 19 1966. The UFO drawing is Pedley's original witness sketch. It is superimposed over a photo of the "nest" effect - a clockwise tight spiral of interwoven sword grass approximately about 32 feet by 25 feet . Initially Pedley only saw a darkened swirling lagoon surface. The "nest" surfaced after a short time and had the quality of a floating elliptical bed of reeds. George Pedley saw the UFO initially about 25 feet directly above the lagoon surface. It rose up vertically about another 25 feet then appeared to depart towards a south west direction, initially dipping slightly and taking off at roughly a 45 degree angle.

Many explanations have been put forward - mating birds such as brolgas, mating crocodiles, upside down helicopters, a "willy willy" (Australian term for a mini-tornado wind vortex - the official Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) explanation) lifting the reeds into a saucer shape, a hoax (with little evidence author John Van Tiggelin tilts at the idea it was a hoax by Pedley that got out of hand - see his book "Mango Country" (2003)) , and a "plasma vortex"(my friend Jenny Randles argued for this - the same model used to "explain" crop circles) . None of these explanations are tenable.

My conclusion: "The 1966 Tully UFO physical trace case still stands as a classic example of the impressive physical dimensions of the UFO phenomenon."
Bill Chalker


Blogger Isaac Koi said...

Hi Bill,

You've almost certainly got all the following references (and many more) to discussion of the Tully "saucer nest". However, just in case they are of any use to you or anyone else dropping in on this part of your blog, I've cut and a pasted a few references from the current draft of the UFO Chronology I'm preparing.

When the list of references is sorted by length, most of the longest discussions can be seen to have been written by you, with the following primary exceptions:

(a) 8 pages: Collins, Andrew in his “The Circlemakers: A Revolutionary New Vision” (1992)

(b) 4 pages: Schnabel, Jim in his “Round in Circles” (1993).

(c) 4 pages: Vallee, Jacques in his “Passport to Magonia” (1970).

(d) 4 pages: Edwards, Frank in his “Flying Saucers – Here and Now!” (1967).

Longer list in alphabetical order by author:

Basterfield, Keith in his “Close Encounters of an Australian Kind – UFOs: The Image Hypothesis” (1981) at pages 54-55 (in Chapter 4) of the Reed softcover edition.

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Kind Regards,

Isaac Koi

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