Monday, June 13, 2005


GENESIS OF A CONTROVERSY - The January 1966 Tully Times account of farmer George Pedley's daylight close encounter with a "flying saucer" he saw rising out of Horseshoe Lagoon near Euramo Tully in North Queensland. In the lagoon the famous Tully "saucer nest" was found which apparently inspired English crop circle hoaxers Doug & Dave to start on their merry way back in 1980. However the Tully nest was far more impressive than the English "crop circles". In the case of the Tully landing there was credible evidence for a UFO connection.

For further details of this episode go to the "physical evidence" section of my web site at:
and read my article "The 1966 Tully Saucer "Nest" - a classic UFO physical trace case" published also in the International UFO Reporter (2 parts - Winter 1997-98 & Spring 1998) and the Australasian Ufologist (Vol.4 No.4 2000).
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