Saturday, May 28, 2005


The latest issue of the International UFO Reporter (IUR) carries my article "ALIENS, HAIR, AND DNA" (published April 2005, Volume 29, Number 3)
It begins:
In a previous article in IUR ("Strange Evidence," Spring 1999, pp.3-16,31), I adressed the issue of physical and genetic evidence for the abduction phenomenon. My forthcoming book Hair of the Alien: DNA and other Forensic Evidence for Alien Abductions, to be published by Paraview Pocket Books in July 2005, goes deeper into these topics. It uses the July 23, 1992, Peter Khoury case as a potent touchstone, and examines evidence in cases from diverse locations, including the United States, South America, Africa, China, and my home country of Australia. The UFO subject, and more particularly, the alien abduction controversy, are at the crossroads. Where we go from here will be critical for the credibility and future of UFO research.

IUR can be acquired via subscription contribution. Write to: IUR, 2457 West Peterson Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60659 USA
Bill Chalker


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