Thursday, May 19, 2005

STALKED BY "UFOs" - Damned Orange lights!

I was musing with George Simpson (Australian UFO Research Network representative for Victoria) yesterday about the orange light reports that occurred in the Melbourne Suburbs on Friday night May 13. He had had further reports and was wading through them. He had mentioned that some of the "strange, intricate patterns" made by the lights were like Chinese characters. I had to laugh. Here I was in Melbourne late last week and back again this week. Some of my activities during last week and this week included translation work on Chinese UFO material with some Chinese friends. An underwhelming coincidence of course - stalked by UFOs desporting themselves with Chinese calligraphy. Yeah ... right.
Some accounts of the Friday night orange light mischief mentioned a Southern Cross pattern. I recollected getting those sorts of light patterns on Australia Day night back in the orange light hey days in Sydney during the early 1990s. Patriotic UFOs - I think not. I became certain then, and suspect now, that human prankters were behind the orange light outbreaks. Most reports in my experience, particularly the early 1990s deluge, showed a marked propensity for the weekends, starting with Thursday (latenight shopping?), peaking on Saturday night and fading out by Monday. Again aliens tracking the human longing for the Great Australian pastime - shopping & the weekend. I don't think so. Most reports were attributed to garbage bag/flare/Jiffy firestarter combinations - the variations were impressive. All but a few were most likely this explanation. The remaining handful were a little more difficult to explain this way, so while I'm cautious not to "throw the baby out with the bath water" my eyes still tend to glaze over with the mention of orange lights.
Good luck to AUFORN, VUFORS & PRA etc in sorting out the truth about the latest orange light infestations in Melbourne.

Speaking of coincidence, or is it synchronicity in Jungian terms, I'll point out a couple that occurred to me while I was writing/researching "HAIR of the ALIEN".

The first one occurred immediately after I had finished my chapter on the English contact case of Cynthia Appleton - a chapter I subsequently took out of the book (see my earlier post on this) - I stopped writing, went to my car, turned the radio on, and the first words were from a news report talking about a Sydney Police detective Matthew Appleton and his investigations of a murder case. I admit I stopped to listen, because I had, with researchers in England, been trying to track down Cynthia Appleton's son - Matthew Appleton. Of course I subsequently tracked down the Sydney detective. After he naturally enquired about my interest he confirmed he was about the right age, his family was from England, but he wasn't the lad we were looking for!

The second coincidence occurred after I had been writing and researching the Credo Mutwa story - see my earlier post. He is a Zula shaman, more accurately described by the more obscure term (in Western terms) sangoma. I went out for one of my favourite pastimes - book scouring. There I was in a Parramatta Sydney antiquarian book shop looking across the row of Asian culture books. I digressed slightly to the African section. My first glance - a book called "Sangoma"! I can tell you there are very few accessible books on sangomas, so this rather amazed me, particularly as I had just finished working on Credo Mutwa the Zulu Sangoma's chapter.

Well I don't read too much into this but if this sort of thing interests you check out Australian journalist Ken Anderson's books on coincidences. A couple of them even include UFO coincidences he and I shared.


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