Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The striking Trancas close encounter - "solid light" or carbon arc spotlights?

The cover of Oscar Galindez's book on the case
Dr. Bucher's drawing perspective with my added pink stick person
Roberto Banch's 1980s site/event reconstruction 
which concluded a prosaic cause - unconfirmed military deployment & carbon arc spotlights
artistic representation of the closest object - a UFO? a tank? an upside down giant size carbon arc lamp with light beam emerging from the (wrong?) back end? (with "fire" coming from its base.
The first episode of the second season of the Newroad series "Close Encounters" has just aired on the Science channel in the US. Discovery Canada will follow on February 6. The fascinating Trancas encounter from Argentina in 1963 was featured with commentary from 2 UFO researchers with chemistry backgrounds - Ademar Jose Gevaerd from Brazil and me from OZ (Australia). The recreation captured some of the witness dynamics well, but the encounter aspect fell short of what was reported. Still I'm sure it will attract people to dig more deeply into this fascinating affair - a terrifying UFO encounter or an unreported military deployment of equipment and unverified carbon arc spotlights. I have inserted the Dr. Bucher drawing (with my "stick woman" placed in the manner of how the witness actually reported she placed her hand in the strange horizontal non-divergent truncated beam of white light - not green, not vertical and not like a laser beam) which more accurately captures the reported events. Roberto Banchs conducted a detailed retrospective investigation in the 1980s. I've examined the original investigations, the Galindez investigation in the 1970s and other data, as well as the Banchs investigation. I still feel the case is not fully explained and may well be a striking unexplained "solid light" event. There are simply too many elements not explained by the explanatory models. The colour images are from the "Close Encounter" programme.


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