Sunday, December 14, 2014

UFOs, Alien Abductions & contact: the Parapsychological Connection

A lecture I gave to the Australian Institute of Parapsychological Research in late November 2014 was an opportunity for me to address an area in UFO research that is often overlooked or often rationalised away.  Instead it should be a strong area of focus to determine if indeed there is a valid "parapsychological" connection, whether it is about the interaction with some sort of advanced technology, or is a folly of misinterpretation or misrepresentation.
Some of the many Power Point slides and a summary of my lecture to Australian Institute of Parapsychological Research - North Sydney - Saturday, 29 November 2014:
Drawing on a wealth of anthropological, historical and contemporary research and investigation, the evidence for parapsychological connections in UFO, alien abduction and contact experiences is examined. With a focus on the Australian experience, events as diverse as the 1868-1873 experiences of Parramatta surveyor and alderman Frederick Birmingham, other historical events, the aboriginal shamanic experience, intense UFO flap experience (such as at Tyringham, Kempsey and Mount Butler near Armidale, some experienced by the author), poltergeist type experiences (such as at Boyup Brook, WA) in contemporary close encounter cases, and abduction and contact type experiences are examined. The DNA mediated case study of Peter Khoury and a biological sample implicated in an alien abduction milieu yielded extraordinary DNA evidence that led to a long-term study of an alien DNA paradigm hypothesis and the book Hair of the Alien (2005). Intriguing parapsychological dimensions in this and other case studies are described. A recent case study examined by the author and Robb Tilley reveal an extraordinary mix of parapsychological, UFO, and alien abduction/contact motifs, that argue for a compelling case for the physical reality of these experiences, including possible "implant" and "missing fetes" evidence.
The area around Boyup Brook and Mayanup in south western Western Australian has had a strikingly unusual focus of interest in this area of a possible parapsychological connection.  At this locality particularly 1955-57 there was an extraordinary stone-throwing poltergeist outbreak, which even had "min min" light activity associated with it.  The area has also had striking UFO activity, one of the most interesting being a "solid light" "car stop-control" close encounter near Boyup Brook in 1967.  My friends Tony Healy & Paul Cropper have just come out with a great book on the "Australian Poltergeist" experience.  I highly recommend it as an excellent overview of this fascinating area of human experience.  Tony and Paul rate the Mayanup- Pumphery and Boyup Brook events as "the most impressive" in their bulging polt files.  A more detailed account of this extraordinary case study can be found in Helen Hack's book "The Mystery of the Mayanup Poltergeist" (2000), which gives a great detail of intriguing detail about the UFO events inthat locality.  One of them included a farmer's extraordinary encounter with an apparent "solid light" beam on the same night as the 1967 Boyup Brook car event, indeed geographically very close to that event location - a striking confirmation of the UFO "solid light" "car stop" close encounter.  In the farmer's experience he instinctively shut his eyes and put his hands up to shield them from the "intense light". He reported that when he opened his eyes ""his hand seemed to be semi-transparent with the veins showing in a blue network beneath the skin." He was not able to moved apparently for 5 or 6 minutes (the same kind of approximate duration in the car case on the same night) until the beam of light vanished.
One of more profound areas of apparent "parapsychological" connection seems to have occurred in what are described as intense "UFO flap" areas, or what I have sometimes described as "UFO hot zones." I had heavy exposure to one striking example back in my University of New England science study days - Tyringham & Dundarranin on the Dorrigo plateau in northern New South Wales:
From the point of view of personal experience, deep research and analysis, the parapsychological connection is an area deserving serious investigation and research to determine what truly is that real nature of that connection.


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