Tuesday, September 03, 2013

The 1927 Fernvale Prophecy story, the 1966 Tully UFO nest event and Hair of the Alien investigation - video links

I've drawn together here some video material I've done on 3 important stories:
  • The 1927 Fernvale Prophecy story
  • The 1966 Tully UFO "nest" event
  • The 1992 Hair of the Alien investigation

The 1927 Fernvale Prophecy story involves UFO sightings, a UFO landing, mystery creatures include "big bird" sightings, animal deaths, mystery men and other strange events, 40 years before similar events were played out in "The Mothman Prophecy" saga. See the video extracts from the lecture I gave on my investigations into this fascinating affair at the 2001 Crypto conference in Sydney:

The famous 1966 Tully UFO "nest" event is a classic example of a UFO physical trace case.  The video shown (via the VUFOA TV news snippet) was from the History Channel show which focused on USOs (Unidentified submarine objects) - a somewhat laboured connection in this case.  The Horseshoe Lagoon was a tidal lagoon and the UFO seen was not at any point observed under the water.  The recreation was somewhat creative. I have included a more accurate representation of what happened:

Courtesy of Mike Williams of Strange Nation here is a better quality version of an interview he did with me back in 2005.  The "reptilian" tagging comes with the territory I guess, but those sorts of silly things say more about the people making them than those targeted.  I don't entirely share Mike's "blanket" criticism of the local UFO community.  There are a lot of good researchers and investigators, but I would agree that there has been some that nudge the "fringe":
Here are the Strange Nation and You Tube links to the interview:

In the interview from 2005 I was not in a position to identify the scientist who led the biochemical team that did the DNA forensic analysis of the Khoury hair sample and was the author of the reports found in the appendix section of my 2005 book "Hair of the Alien".   He has kindly allowed me to identify him, my friend Dr. Horace Drew who had worked for decades as a head research scientist in the CSIRO, Australia's leading scientific research organisation and co-authored the authorative reference "Understanding DNA".  

Contrary to the claims of the Skeptics, in their strikingly unscientific attempts to debunk the case, my summary chapter of Horace's data reports was accurate and his interest in things like UFOs, alien abduction accounts and crop circles does not invalidate his impressive credentials as a DNA scientist. Of course if one doesn't bother with doing serious research like for example actually reading the whole book written on the case - "Hair of the Alien" (which can be acquired via Amazon), and instead bases their analysis and commentary on only reading excerpts of the book (via the "look inside the book" feature on Amazon), then their analyses will and has been very flawed and unscientific.  Their form of "skepticism" is more appropriately seen as unscientific skepticism and debunking, rather than scientific skepticism.  Organisations like the Skeptics claim they champion science and critical thinking.  Pity it is not reflected in a lot of their engagements with serious attempts to do good research in the UFO area.

Thank you Mike Williams from Strange Nation and the VUFOA team.


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