Saturday, April 06, 2013

New post on my SCIENCE & the UFO CONTROVERSY site on "SOLID LIGHTS"

I have placed the full text of my January-February 2013 "SOLID LIGHTS and the neglected UFO science legacy" column in the Australian magazine "Ufologist" on my "Science & the UFO Controversy" site, with some additions, graphics and updates.

This picture was produced by my son Chris with my assistance to develop imagery that helps describe a "solid light" case that was focused at a beach headland area at Kiama New South Wales in Australia back in the early 1970s. I have revisited this affair many times and it has inspired my worldwide focus on similar cases. Gildas Bourdais from France helped me immensely with regard to the strange event played at Taize back in 1972. I have also focused on the classic Trancas case from Argentina in 1963. Both cases are striking, but not without their weaknesses and possible explanations. In both cases my enquiries to date suggest the possible explanations are not all that compelling, but we still need to examine them, to see how the evidence for these classic cases stack up.

The wider worldwide picture of “solid light” type cases appear to suggest that such events are a valid part of the UFO phenomenon.  I look forward to contributing to the elaboration of our understanding of this fascinating aspect of the UFO mystery.

If you have information about any cases of this type please contact me via or P.O. Box 42 West Pennant Hills, NSW, 2125, Australia.


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You probably know about this case already, but just i'm sharing it just in case - It seems to be well documented

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