Thursday, April 25, 2013

OZ "X-Files" now more easily available courtesy of Isaac Koi

Isaac Koi, the UK based researcher, has done a particularly fine job in recent years of making large data sets more easily available. Now he has applied his talent to the Australian government and military UFO files.  This arrangement was made with the permission of the National Archives of Australia (NAA).  Prior to this, while the UFO files were accessible on a more open basis, particularly in recent years, they were not brought together in a easy-use format that Isaac has now provided.  I wished I had dragged Isaac along during the access I had to these files at the Russell Offices of the Department of Defence during 1982-84 to maybe improve the then prevailing access process.  His efforts have certainly improved the productivity of researchers focused on this area.

Isaac has made his great work available at a number of links, for example:

Oz X-Files: "authenticated sighting", "appear to be inexplicable", USA "very interested"

For a recent account of these files and the approach of the Australian government and military check out my chapter in the books "UFOs and Government":

Keith Basterfield has also posted about this excellent contribution on his UFOs - scientific research blog

In the "Above Top Secret" discussion thread link (above) Isaac also provided a bit of a profile of the research in this area undertaken by Keith and myself.

Great job Isaac.


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