Saturday, January 05, 2013

UFO over Thai Stadium on December 27 2012 - phone app insertion or UFO?

On first blush this Thai TV report seems somewhat more credible than the Chinese Fuxin CE3 video.  But as always lets wait for some further assessments.  I'm waiting on some further feedback from some Thai associates.

My research visit to northern Thailand during 2006 allowed me to witness the fascinating spectacle of the Naga light festival up close and personal and gather extensive Thai UFO data.

A feature of the Thai TV story is that the photographer(s?) is (are?) local young female sporting team members.  The addendum below may suggest they may have been caught out by phone apps or  trojan apps inserting the same UFO image into their local photos.

"Vesalius" helpfully drew my attention to the Bonaire Caribbean photos taken by Sigourney (Ziggy) Mansveld" on December 25 2012, in which it is noted very similar (if not identical) "UFO" images, but with the story reporting no UFO seen until an examination of the phone images.  Comments on UFO Casebook add to a possible solution, that is a "Trojan app" "that infects Android cell phones to produce these insertions" ("Meringue" on UFO Casebook, who also refers to a recent photo from Tustin, California) and "one of those "add a flying saucer to your cellphone picture" apps" (which poster "7echo" on UFO Casebook reports are prevalent these days).  If one or the other are the source of these photos turning up around the world it represents yet another unhelpful wrinkle in the UFO investigation hurdles one must evaluate.  The rise of multimedia and such "helpful" apps complicate an already complex picture.  Despite this the informal network of "burrowers" does helpfully lead to the unearthing of such digital explanatory possibilities, which might otherwise take a lot longer.  The newspaper is EXTRA a local paper (31 December 2012 issue)