Monday, September 21, 2009


Check out the Coast to Coast interview by George Knapp:
George Knapp
Bill Chalker
Australian UFO investigator Bill Chalker discussed UFO cases in China, as well as his continued investigations into alien abductions in Australia. He's conducted extensive research into Chinese sightings, and made trips there in 2002, 2005, and 2006. The recent UFO sighting by Chinese scientists at the Purple Mountain Observatory that occurred during the solar eclipse in July has been somewhat of a "lost in translation" episode in terms of press coverage, he noted. The scientists witnessed an unexplained object in the corona of the eclipse-- it wasn't necessarily a craft, but probably more like an astronomical body, he explained. He spoke about several ET encounter cases in China. In one, a man (Cao Gong) was taken inside a UFO, and made to take part in a healing exercise for a young woman, which involved a solid beam of light. Interestingly, the woman was later tracked down and found to have unusual marks on her body, he reported. Chalker said he's particularly fascinated by cases such as this that involve "solid lights," beams of light that are sometimes used to transport or heal.He reviewed the 1992 Australian alien abduction case (featured in his book Hair of the Alien), in which a man named Peter Khoury received a strange visitation from two naked woman, and recovered a strand of blonde hair after the encounter. This hair underwent DNA analysis and was found to have unusual hybrid qualities-- the shaft was a rare Asian mongoloid sequence, while the root had a rare Gaelic profile, he detailed. Chalker outlined alien connections to various isolated cultures and tribes, which suggests to him that alien interactions have been going for a lot longer than is typically thought, and there may eventually be DNA evidence to demonstrate this.
Photo: Meeting with abductee in Beijing 2005 - left to right, Harvey Zhao, Lu Shi Guang, Bill Chalker, Cao Gong (abductee), and Zhang Jing Ping (Copyright: Bill Chalker)


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