Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Issue 2 of a great new publication - the Phenomenologist - has just been released featuring an article I wrote on the remarkable 1868 UFO vision of Parramatta surveyor and council member Frederick Birmingham. It also features an interview with me, commenting on some interesting areas. e.g.

Q: A few years ago there was talk that UFOlogy was dead. Were rumours of its demise greatly exaggerated?
A: Of course - such talk are classic
examples of the dumbing down of media's treatment and science's lack of depth
about the subject. A much deeper and properly focused examination of the UFO
mystery soon alerts one to the fact that the subject is very much alive and
waiting a serious embrace.

The Phenomenologist is the official journal of the Society for Anomalous
Research Australia (SARA). The publication is a benefit of membership
SARA. See their web site for details: The issue also
features stories on spirit possession in Malaysia, a SARA ghost watch at
Maitland Gaol, and other fascinating matters. Edited by Ruby Lang the magazine has her great touch of good content and excellent editorial and production quality.

The cover features the wonderful artwork of Tony Albert - "AustrALIEN" (2007) - which featured at the outstanding Penrith Regional Gallery's exhibition "The VISITORS - The Australian Response to UFOS and Aliens" See my posts on this visionary exhibit.


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