Saturday, August 16, 2008

1947 - earliest modern era Chinese "flying saucer" file? - "Roswell revisited" in Sichuan province: "Its just a weather balloon"

Reporter Gao Yang Ji-Yong reported on Sichuan Online on August 7 2008 on the "significant discovery" of a July 18 1947 document from Chengdu archives describing the discovery and investigation of a "flying saucer" found by a local farmer. The material was rushed to the Physics Institute of Sichuan University where it was personally examined by the Dean of Physics Zheng Zhanhan. It seemed locals were initially puzzled by the find. Shades of Roswell! The culprit it seems was US hardware - a "high altitude weather measuring" device the report indicated. Or perhaps it was a rogue Mogul array - I'm kidding ... perhaps?
Source of image: Wei photography Sichuan Online
Thanks to Diane Frola of AUFORN for the lead. The story has been carried on a number of other Chinese sites such as and


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