Monday, May 16, 2005


Bill Chalker on site with aboriginal witness to unusual debri field in Outback Australia trying to relocate the find - photo copyright B. Chalker

An ongoing investigation I have been undertaking in Outback Australia is attempting to verify claims of a mass witnessed UFO event that allegedly took place on the same day as the moon landing back in July 1969. The witnesses were claimed to be a large number of aboriginal children and women, along with two aboriginal missionaries. The story told describes the observation of a large UFO seen hovering for about half an hour. It then descended behind a hill. A large "mushroom cloud" went up from the spot. The two missionaries - names known to me - had been leading the flock in prayers, declared it was the "end of the world". The state of affairs that existed then and even now led to the event remaining unknown to white people in the area. However the event held sway over at least one of the children. He approached me recently because his own son and about 5 others in an aboriginal hunting party came across a strange debri field. The locality turned out to be in an area that coincided with the line of sight of the 1969 "crash" some 30 or so years earlier. My primary informant became convinced that the recent "debri field" and the 1969 UFO "crash" event are linked. I have extensively interviewed him and two of the recent hunting party. We have undertaken 3 ground surveys over very difficult terrain and conditions. I undertook an aerial video survey with revealed some areas of interest. To date we have covered perhaps 20% of the target area, the nature of which suggests we would have to virtually walk directly over it to find it - no easy task given the locality and prevailing conditions. It is very difficult and exhausting work, however our investigations to date suggest it is worthwhile to continue pursuing the story and its alleged "UFO debri field".
This enquiries in this area and over a much larger outback and near outback region has yielded some fascinating information that suggests a rich heritage of UFO and fortean type phenomena. In one area we have been looking into an intriguing photo anomaly recorded in a locality known for its strange aboriginal "sky being" lore and other strange features. The whole investigation has revealed a large amount of information about this fascinating strange heritage.