Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Credo Mutwa - Zulu Sangoma - "alien abductee"
This is the cover of the original edition of Credo Mutwa' "autobiography" "Song of the Stars - The Lore of a Zulu Shaman" edited by Stephen Larsen (Station Hill Openings, Barrytown Ltd, 1996, recently republished as "Zulu Shaman - Dreams, Prophecies, and Mysteries (Destiny Books, 2003). This book is a fascinating read and includes Credo Mutwa's UFO stories and encounters.
In my forthcoming book "Hair of the Alien" I describe Credo's UFO legacy in some detail and also include an interview I did with him. His UFO story is an intriguing case study of the UFO contact and experience dynamic revealed against the rich tapestry of African culture.
"What are we to make of Credo Mutwa's "alien" stories.
Credo Mutwa's stories emerge from a culture marked by a distrust of whites, a distrust of authorities, a strong focus on oral histories rather than written history, and an awareness of taboos and forbidden or hidden knowledge, known to the few initiated shamans, but experienced by the many - men and women all over Africa."
- from "Hair of the Alien"
Bill Chalker


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