Saturday, May 07, 2005

UFOs Sub Rosa Down Under & Disclosure Australia

The Disclosure Australia project in their April 2005 newsletter report:
Bill Chalker's pioneering work in the 1980's examining RAAF and Department of Civil Aviation files on the UFO subject has now been comprehensively expanded upon by the Disclosure Australia Project.
The Project started off in July 2003 and as the first part of its mission plan, has been examining Australian Government files on the subject of UFOs. The Project is nearing the end of looking at files which are within easy public reach. Locating other harder to find files is still continuing.

They have done an excellent job in expanding on the documented picture of official involvement in the UFO question in Australia. Their enquiries have confirmed the picture I saw and documented during the Eighties and Ninties.

The Disclosure Australia material can be examined on their site. The April 2005 newsletter is up on the site:

My own research can be found on my web site. In particular my report "UFOs Sub Rosa Down Under - The Australian Military & Government Role in the UFO controversy" (which has been on the web since 1999) can be seen at:

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