Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Hair of the Alien inside cover blurb

Bill Chalker
"Hair of the Alien"
From the inside cover text:
Is there hard scientific evidence for extraterrestrial visitation? CSI meets UFO abductions in a book of extraordinary facts, fresh perspectives, and shocking revelations.
In this captivating investigation, UFO researcher Bill Chalker - author of the acclaimed book The OZ Files: The Australian UFO Story - sheds light on a little-known controversy of profound implications: an encounter with aliens that seems to have yielded extraordinary evidence.
At the heart of the story is Peter Khoury of Sydney, Australia, who claims to have encountered two female aliens. His tale might easily be dismissed if Khoury had not produced evidence of the event: specifically, wisps of hair. The blonde samples have been labeled "Nordic", but extensive DNA testing has suggested conclusions that are far from simple.
Indeed, they seem to belong to a human/alien hybrid whose existence cannot be scientifically explained.
Is it only coincidental that Kary Mullis, the American Nobel laureate whose work enabled DNA profiling, has reported his own "missing time" episode and encounter with a strange entity?


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