Saturday, December 22, 2007


The Visitors art and evidence exhibition had its official opening on December 8 2007 - a great opening event and evening entertainment. If you are hovering in the Sydney Australia airspace you might like to check out the Penrith Regional gallery at 86 River Road Emu Plains. Its free, open daily 10 am to 5 pm and all lifeforms are welcome. It will run over the Australian festive season and summer period until Sunday February 17 2008 when I'm scheduled to give a closing exhibition artwork and evidence tour from 3 pm. I worked closely with the curators Anne Loxley and Regina Walter to set up the "evidence" room, which features original research, investigation and sighting material from my personal collection and UFOIC files. The room also features a Powerpoint presentation I prepared. The room also has "case files" of UFO events I selected from across Australia from 1868 to 2007. There is also a large screen featuring film about a range of UFO events. Overall the "evidence" rooms is very informative.

While you are there you should pick up a copy of the glossy 68 page exhibition catalogue which features a range of the artworks on display and essays by the curators and myself. The artworks are diverse, enertaining and intriguing - an artistic Australian response to UFOs and aliens - an extraordinarily enduring phenomenon.

Photos: Bill Chalker with co-curator Regina Walter at the opening of the exhibition (copyright Bill Chalker)


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Blogger DavidP said...

Hi Bill, do you know where I could get a copy of the catalogue? I checked out the gallery website but all trace of the exhibition has disappeared ...

6:16 PM  

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