Saturday, January 22, 2022

On Australian UFO Sightings podcast Monday 24 January 2022

Here I'm talking with Anthony Goodall
about an early book source I read as a teenager
Otto Binder's "What we really know about flying saucers"
The above link is a rough copy of the interview referred to below, which may be replaced by a version that edits out the "glitches" - enjoy the rapid ride through aspects of my journey through the mystery of UFOs - the "tip of the iceberg" - only a very small part of my journey

Hi everybody, providing Queensland & NSW here in Oz don't get taken out by freakish acts of nature, technological angst & strange dread, I should be doing a live interview on Anthony Goodall's podcast Australian UFO Sightings from 8.30 pm Sydney time, Monday, 24th January 2022. Should be interesting. Link below

Always good to have a chat, chill out with a cup of tea or something harder 
chill out & enjoy