Monday, September 17, 2007

"Aussie Saucer Spying" & "Ufologists Defiled?"

Nick Redfern commented on the ASIO UFO file on the UFO Mystic site (Sep 14) "Aussie Saucer Spying":

I have written an article on this file: "Ufologists Defiled? UFOIC, ASIO and alien McCarthyism" (Sep 18) which can be found on my UFOIC web log site:
Photo: Frank Cain's 1994 book "ASIO - An Unofficial History"

The Alien DNA Paradigm to be presented at UFOCUS NZ's FUTURE PERSPECTIVES Conference 2007

I will be delivering the following lecture: Alien Odyssey – the alien DNA paradigm and other UFO impacts at the New Zealand International "FUTURE PERSPECTIVES" conference at Rotorua on 30 September 2007.

My speech outline:
Bill Chalker takes you on an extraordinary odyssey researching the alien paradigm, anchored in the remarkable and provocative “alien hair” case of Peter Khoury in Australia, which has yielded breakthrough evidence that appears to support the idea that alien hybrids might be at the heart of the alien abduction controversy.

Bill will also describe some of his research from the last 3 decades, including his focus on physical evidence, history, military & official investigations and the fascinating Asian UFO experience.

An interesting line up of lectures is scheduled including the following UFO orientated presentations:

Suzanne Hansen "Corroborative Evidence of Contact", Diane Frola "From Dreamtime to Now: Australia's UFO Connections", Roger Leir "Alien Implants: the Final Scientific Word", Mary Rodwell "Awakening to our Multidimensional reality" and Graeme Opie "NZ UFO Sightings."

Full details of the conference can be found at the UFOCUS NZ web site:
Photo: Bill Chalker in Chang Mai northern Thailand 2007 undertaking research into Phase 3 of the research programme connected with the "Hair of the Alien" case