Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The call of the UFO

I've had the call for over 4 decades now. It is the exotic, intoxicating and often toxic siren call of the UFO - an "alien dance" played out in the fields of a bizarre "Great Game." Throughout this period science has been my enduring touchstone, but it has been a strange and often conflicted relationship between science and the UFO phenomenon. While at times it is a sorry and frustrating story, the endurance and the reality of the UFO phenomenon explodes the shackles of ridicule, marginalisation and ignorance. The UFO story is one that most people think they know. The reality is that most people barely know the impressive depth and complexity of the phenomenon. Nor do they appreciate the astounding reality beyond the side shows that are often put up as caricatures of the real mystery.
More than 40 years of engagement with the UFO mystery have for me been a personally enriching and fascinating life experience. The length of that journey has not diminished my interest in the subject. Indeed now I feel a greater sense of making some real progress, albeit tentative and subject to the limits of resources and opportunity.
I have been reflecting on my own research and investigations and have drawn together a somewhat personal and deep meditation on those experiences in the form of a Powerpoint presentation involving some 188 image intensive slides with the title: "An Alien Life: over 4 decades stalking the UFO dragon." An early version was presented at Campbelltown, NSW in April, but an extended and more developed version will be made at a UFO seminar on Saturday June 12, 2010, between 1 pm and 7 pm at 310 South Terrace Adelaide, South Australia. The seminar is being hosted by the AURA (Australian UFO Research Association) with admission being a very reasonable $10. Enquiries & bookings: 0413850645. Also presenting lectures will be Keith Basterfield ("How to research the UFO phenomenon and stay sane.") and AURA project coordinator Roger Koch ("UFO phenomena: A Riddle within an Enigma.")
My primary focuses in my lectures at the Adelaide AURA UFO seminar will be Science and UFO Research and the Alien Abduction controversy, but I will be covering UFO physical evidence, the official Australian engagement with the UFO subject, the Chinese UFO experience and the alien DNA paradigm.
(Images: The low resolution reproduction of my Powerpoint lecture presentation introduction slide includes a montage of photos - myself in 2010, in 1984 with Dr. Allen Hynek at his home in Chicago, in 2005 lecturing at Dalian, China, and in 1982 examining the RAAF Directorate of Air Force Intelligence (DAFI) UFO files at the Department of Defence Russell Offices in Canberra.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will you be doing your presentation in Melbourne? I'd love to see it.

7:28 AM  
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