Sunday, October 25, 2009

Interview on the PARACAST with Gene Steinberg & David Biedny

From the Paracast site:

October 11, 2009: Bill Chalker
You asked for it: UFO researcher Bill Chalker, author of such books as “Hair of the Alien: DNA and Other Forensic Evidence of Alien Abductions.” The bill of fare includes abductions in Australia and the results of DNA tests.

Gene & David have a great line of interviews well worth listening to.

You can listen to their interview with me at:

ARJ BARKER - UFOLOGIST - straight talking

Arj Barker is a great stand up comedian popular in the US and his second home Australia. Recently he contacted me indicating he was doing a different sort of gig to his usual comedy rountine. This one - a strong interest in UFOs - he was taking seriously and wanted to give it a credible airing. His on site Westall interview with two witnesses (Joy Clarke and Suzanne Savage) of the striking April 1966 mass witnessed sighting at Westall high school was his first outing as a resident "paranormal" reporter for the 7 PM Project programme on TV station Channel 10 on October 10, 2009. He did a very good job despite the format limitations. The show's panel were predictably light hearted, but Arj's positive interest shone through.

He invited me along to his Sydney State Theatre show. It was a great show - a very entertaining and funny night to a full house.

Photo: Bill Chalker and Arj Barker back stage at the State Theatre October 22nd 2009