Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Inside an Australian UFO "HOT ZONE" - the Tyringham Experience

The current newstand issue of the Australian magazine Ufologist features an article I wrote: "Australian UFO 'Hot Zones' - The Tyringham Experience"
Here is the introduction to that article:
"During September 2010 I took the opportunity to visit an old favourite UFO haunt of mine. I drove up from Coffs Harbour on the north coast of New South Wales, through Dorrigo, and onto Tyringham. Here was a very small community of a few houses and a store on the back road between Grafton and Armidale, which for me back in 1973, became an extraordinary experience of what it was like to be caught up in a real UFO “hot zone.”

What I call UFO “hot zones” are those areas where an extraordinary depth of the UFO phenomenon is experienced. They are also UFO flap areas but are more accurately viewed as very localised “UFO flaps.” Such areas offer us an extraordinary opportunity. One of the more frustrating aspects of the UFO phenomenon is its unpredictability. One of the mainstays of the scientific method is the repeatable experiment. In the case of an unpredictable and elusive phenomenon this is rather hard to organise. Occasionally UFO phenomena occur in specific localities for an extended period. Such areas continue to regularly reveal manifestations of the UFO mystery and provide researchers like myself tantalising but generally frustrating opportunities to attempt real science. The challenge for researchers is to locate such areas and to participate in an organised and instrumented way to document flaps in an objective manner. Such strategies provide researchers with potent opportunities for interacting with the UFO phenomenon.
While I have investigated many localised flap areas such as the Blue Mountains near Sydney, Kempsey, Coonabarabran, St. George, Tully, and Leitchville-Echuca, and gathered information about others such as the Grampians, Wycliffe Well and Toowoomba, none came close to the intensity of personal experience that I experienced during the 1973 Tyringham flap."

I continue the Australian UFO Hot Zone theme in the next issue of the Ufologist out just before Christmas with the Mount Butler milieu - UFOs, entity "possession" and all that kind of stuff!


Blogger haydenely HE said...

I seen the lights crazy stuff

4:59 PM  
Blogger Benjamin Baines said...

I was travelling with an old friend an me 3 sons in the back seat it would of been bout 3 to 3 thirty in afternoon back in 2008 I travelled from Kempsey to Armidale up highway turn off at urunga short cut road bound for belligen dorrigo I just went past misty valley nursery as I started to climb up the hill to my right I seen a ufo not only did I but my friend sitting next to me said did u see that it was above me it's was about 8 to 10 meters in roundness with half a foot by half a foot dark tinted Windows very slick bout a meter high the metal look like platium dark bronze colour my sons did not see it but I did an me friend as we where sittin in front

6:37 PM  

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