Friday, February 02, 2024

Limina - the Journal of UAP Studies - has landed

It is wonderful to see that the first issue has appeared.  

I sent the following message to editor-in-chief Dr. Michael C. Cifone: 

Congratulations Mike and to all the fine people who brought the first issue of Limina into being.  An outstanding achievement. Thanks for your support in trying to get my humble efforts to the finish line, but too many issues & more significantly, personal matters prevented this.  I sincerely hope that it will make it into a future issue.

You and all the fine people behind this endeavour are making history.

Best wishes for the future and its potent trajectory.

Bill Chalker

You can access the first issue of the open journal and the Society for UAP Studies (SUAPS) the organisation behind it at:
By way of transparency I was pleased to be asked to join the SUAPS advisory board:
I urge you to support and contribute to SUAPS & Limina


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