Wednesday, August 30, 2023

The Secret UFO legacy of Australian Defence scientist Harry Turner

Bill Chalker, author of “The OZ Files – the Australian UFO Story” (1996) and “Hair of the Alien” (2005), will present on some striking aspects of the UFO/UAP mystery:
The Secret UFO legacy of Australian Defence scientist Harry Turner
Bill will discuss nuclear defence scientist & intelligence analyst Harry Turner’s intense interest in UFOs, his deep dive into its mysteries and its powerful resonance with today’s UFO/UAP controversy.

If time permits Bill will also cover:
UFOs/UAP and the “Solid Light” Connection
UFOs/UAP which feature the extraordinary “solid light” aspect take us on a very strange journey.
Bill writes a blog and contributes a regular column for the e-magazine “UFO Truth”.
He recently became a member of the advisory board for the Society for UAP Studies.
From Ross Coulthart’s “Close Encounters Australia” talk at the Victorian State Library 12 August 2023:
"I went for lunch with Bill Chalker, who is a very respected and prominent UAP researcher, and Bill sat me down and told me about Harry Turner ….” – Ross Coulthart (16:20)
“And Bill Chalker did some fantastic work with Harry, even after Harry had retired. He kept on talking to Bill …” – (49:20)
Club Burwood
97 Burwood Road, Burwood
Saturday, 2 September 2023
1pm to 5pm
Admission: Members $15
Non Members $20


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