Saturday, July 01, 2023

Interview discussing "The Ultimate Secret", the Australian UFO "crash retrieval" experience, the Nullarbor UFO crash stories & Harry Turner

Here is an interview I did with Jamie (Jay Katz) & Aspasia of Down South Anomalies on Thursday 29 June, 2023, on "The Ultimate Secret", UFO crash retrieval stories in Australia, the Nullarbor UFO crash story of the late 1970s, and nuclear scientist and DSTI/JIO head of nuclear science, Harry Turner on his extraordinary UFO interest over decades, indeed since 1948. On the same day I had picked up on loan from a family connection with Harry Turner an archive box consisting of a remarkable slide collection of Harry's covering many decades, some marked with the address O.H. Turner, Health Physics, Maralinga, S.A. (South Australia). Separately, I had a phone conversation with an Australian Navy officer who shared a fascinating story of a UFO sighting off the Western Australian coast from the HMAS Moresby during the 1980s. The Captain told him to ensure that the log entry did not describe the event as a UFO sighting, but rather describe it as something like an unexplained metrological event. Hmm ... busy day: