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On aircraft interference by UAPs/UFOs - SW USA (circa 2013-14) & suburban Sydney Australia (1994) - some correlations

 Watching "The UFO Cover-up" episode of the the US History channel/TTSA programme "Unidentified" (Season 2, Episode 6) I was intrigued by the information described to Luis Elizondo by an anonymous investigator for the DOD.  He appeared on the show silhouetted, with his voice disguised.  This person indicated his 20 years with DOD were focused on "the goal of attempting to discern foreign threats to our equities."  He described a UAP/UFO case around 2013-2014 he alleged he directly investigated, that involved 2 brand new military attack helicopters, with test pilots at the controls, undertaking "some pretty stressful manoeuvres," in the south west of the USA, in a corridor "from Northern Tennessee, Southern Kentucky, Southern Alabama and then out east towards around the middle of Georgia."

The source stated, "Now, I know that's a large swath of territory, but, you know, again, we're talking about helicopters, which can cover a large swath of territory when they're training."

"It's broad daylight, and what happens is one of the pilots looks out to the right side of their aircraft, and they notice three glowing orbs that are in a triangular formation just within the vicinity of the aircraft.

(From the History channel"s "Unidentified")

"Well, these orbs maintained the same altitude, the same speed with the helicopter, and then it really started to get interesting, because as the pilot is conducting the manoeuvres to put this brand new helicopter under its stress test, he experiences a power fluctuation; and when he experiences this power fluctuation he starts to descend rapidly, which we would call a "total failure." The pilot looked over to the right side again, noticed these three orbs descending with the helicopter.  And then all of a sudden, the helicopter starts going into an uncontrolled descent, at which point he grabs the stick, looks up, and these orbs are gone."

(From the History Channel's "Unidentified")

The helicopter seems to have started behaving normally after the "orbs" were gone.  The investigator reported the event to his superiors and a committee was formed, that uncovered at least another 7 similar helicopter related cases involving "orbs', but the committee seemed peculiarly to go all out to figure out what was going on.  The investigator stated, "The consensus was like, "All right, make a note.  Maybe somebody will pay attention at some point, but if we have no data points coming in, then we're just spinning our wheels."

Well, curious indeed.  Seems to me at least 8 similar events would represent at hell of a lot of "data points" to investigate, but I guess we are just getting a limited account tailored to the argument under enquiry in the programme, that maybe some agency (hopefully from a friendly power), such as the US Air Force, might be deploying advanced systems or hardware to gather data on friendly asset ("equities")/UAP/UFO encounters, under such operations as contemporary upgrades of programs like Project Palladium or the more current drone swarm programmes such as the Nemesis programme - perhaps, or perhaps not, explanatory threads for the Nimitz encounter and other more recent cases, using different agencies in "hot" undisclosed "war games" to test secret technology. Maybe the thinking in these highly contested fields of potential warfare, agencies have lept into a new dynamic of inflicting "new gear" on friendly turf - better that, finding the "bugs" in friendlier "games" rather than in hostile situations.  A lot of players argue that many of the encounters are beyond our current abilities & technologies and suggest inter-agency "warfare" games, keeping one side in the dark to monitor the fallout, seems unlikely.

What I do suggest is unlikely is that those sorts of possibilities were involved in the following event that also played out in daylight, over suburban Sydney, Australia, back in 1994. This encounter led to a civilian pilot into a potentially highly dangerous mid air encounter.  Such encounters are not rare in the annuals of UFO research.  The group NARCAP specialised in pilot/UAP/UFO encounters for decades.  Writers like Jenny Randles & Jerome Clark have written about such encounters ("Something in the Air"(1998) & "Strange Skies" (2003).

Some current players in the UAP/UFO game may benefit enormously from examining the evidence gathered by UFO researchers for decades.  Think about it. 

Here is a case I suspect wasn't a product of an advanced secret programme, drones etc:


 – a pilots dramatic encounter in 1994 

In March 2010 intense media attention was focused on a set of unusual photos taken in the Sydney suburb of Chipping Norton. UFOs were in the news again. Here I focus focus on a story that emerged as a consequence of the publicity. I received an email from a pilot as follows (with some editing): 

Hello Bill, 

I saw you this morning with Kerri-Ann(you are looking well). I met you 19 years ago when a friend and I reported a sighting at Picnic Point on 1 Dec 1991 (12:30am). Amazingly, you advised us at this time that we would probably see another incident in our lifetimes. 

Attached is a document where I have detailed an incident that occurred to me (and another friend), on 10 April 1994. For reasons I have noted below, I did not keep a record of this incident at the time. 

At the time of the incident, I was trying to obtain my private pilot licence. I copped some pretty severe ridicule from friends and acquaintances who I told of my earlier incident. So I did not report this second incident in case CASA found out about it and deemed me to be crazy. I eventually got my pilot licence in 1998 and the subject seems to be more acceptable these days. 

In any case the reason I have decided to let you know about this is because it occurred so close to the recent Chipping Norton report and also the two objects that I witnessed were flying very close to each other, similarly to the small objects in the right field of the photo. 

I was taking my first passenger on a flight into the Bankstown training (area). We departed Bankstown at about 10:30am. We had been flying for about 30 minutes (and we were at 2,000 feet) when (the passenger) advised me that she was feeling air sick and she wanted to return to the airport. 

We were headed in a northerly direction just south of the Warragamba to Prospect reservoir pipeline. We were approximately over Badgerys or Kemps Creek. As I began to descend to 1,500 feet (the approach altitude for Bankstown), to our right and just above us I saw two saucer shaped objects which were glowing brightly of sparkling gold. They were about 1. 5 kms away. 

The objects followed our descent to 1,500 feet and during this time I noted that they were performing impossible aerial acrobatic manoeuvres. Firstly, they were flying very close to each other, then on top of each other and then visa versa all within about 40cm. Each craft was between 2 to 3 meters across and about half a meter in depth. 

As we approached the pipeline, I began to turn to the east to follow it to the reservoir. Both objects turned with us and took a course directly in front of us at the same altitude. 

As I tried to halt our descent at 1,500 ft I found that the aircraft continued to descend. I applied full power in an attempt to arrest the fall. This put our revs into the red zone however our descent continued. 

Knowing that I could maintain these high revs for only 1 or 2 minutes, I thought that I was experiencing some kind of engine malfunction. I began looking around for a suitable place to perform an emergency landing. 

The two objects remained in front of us and continued their impossible manoeuvres. I asked (my passenger) ‘What are they’; she replied that she did not know. 

I then turned the radio to the ATIS weather for Bankstown to check if the wind had suddenly started to blow strongly from the east. I found this not to be the case. 

The objects were still there as I then turned the radio back to Bankstown tower frequency. 

When I looked up from the radio, the two objects had vanished. Simultaneously the engine began to over-rev and the aircraft immediately began to regain altitude. I pulled back the throttle. 

I asked (my passenger) if she saw where they went. She said that she thought that they had slowed, then descended and had passed underneath us. 

We then proceeded to Bankstown where we made a normal approach and landing. 

The Kerrie-Anne reference was to Kerrie-Anne Kennerley on whose Channel 9 TV show “Mornings” I had appeared on.

The reference to CASA relates to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority - the government body that regulates Australian aviation safety, which licenses pilots, registers aircraft and oversees safety.

I subsequently conducted an interview with the pilot, examined his log and gone over records, maps and other matters to detail this intriguing sighting, which powerfully suggests that whatever UFOs are, they represent a potential hazard to our aircraft, and for this reason alone (there are of course many other reasons) the UFO mystery should be taken seriously and should be investigated openly by science. 

The pilot would report another curious sighting of a strange cone shaped object seen from his suburban Sydney home in daylight on 13 March 2011. He remains puzzled by each of his sightings, as I do, but most of all his frightening April 1994 aircraft remained the most confronting for him. 

Thursday, August 06, 2020

WITNESS the VISITORS – a potent trinity

For many, the extended moments of isolation in the harsh shadows of world wide pandemic restriction have paradoxically yielded some totally unexpected moments of astonishment steeped in wonder.  I’ve had a number of these moments, one of which I will share with you. For me it echoed the often boundless enrichment that comes with the curious juxtapositions of life long passions. A trinity of these came together for me during April 2020 and beyond – science, art and the UFO.  These have been life long interests of mine.

I was searching the internet for media and culture references to a particular Australian locality well known for UFO and possibly related strange phenomena.  I won’t specify the locality for now – another time - but a particular web find literally reached out and dragged me into its fascinating embrace. 

What was the site that had entangled me in such a fascinating way?  It was the late Susan Hiller’s “Witness” art installation exhibition which originally appeared in London in 2000.

Susan Hiller (Image source: Wikipedia)

You can begin an exploration of the beauty and fascination of this work and the extraordinary legacy of its late creator Susan Hiller (1940-2019) at the Artangel site:

I soon realised that I had experienced some of this remarkable work myself in Sydney Australia around May 2002 when the exhibition ran at the Museum of Contemporary Art as a major part of the Sydney Biennale festival. I was in no doubt attracted to the event organiser Richard Grayson’s theme: “(The World Maybe) Fantastic.”

Here from the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper review of 17 May 2002: 

“A better exemplar of (The World May Be) Fantastic's brief would be hard to nominate, although the American-born Susan Hiller's Witness, 2000, at the MCA, has much to recommend it as a paradigmatic work. 

“This suspended field of audio speakers, a starry night Van Gogh would have loved and understood, soaks the listener in a shower of tales of alien visitations, UFO sightings and weird paranormal experiences. Once you get the gist, even the foreign-language narratives - Spanish, Dutch, German, Chinese and so on - sound intelligible.”  

Here is a review of Witness from the The Sunday Times of London, dated 4 June 2000:

“When you first walk in, all you hear are waves of whispers. As your eyes grow accustomed to the dark, you see that these are emerging from a forest of 500 loudspeakers suspended from the roof. Moving from speaker to speaker, from testimony to testimony, you listen in on a mass human exodus from sense and factuality.” — Waldemar Januszczak

Exploring the Artangel link to Witness I soon moved way past my initial purpose and made, what was for me, a wonderful discovery – a book: “Susan Hiller: Witness.”  The Artangel site describes it: “People see strange things. Lights in the sky, mysterious phenomena, visions and visitations — things they can't explain but know they saw. Susan Hiller has been collecting stories of these sightings for years. Some of them are prosaic and descriptive. Others are visionary and marvelous. All of them are true. Hundreds of eyewitness accounts were brought together through years of research for "Witness", Susan Hiller's ambitious installation, which asks us to explore the area where rational explanations no longer seem to hold. This accompanying publication, presented as the artist's "Witness" research file, contains a large selection of the original witness statements, as well as a selection of Hiller's personal notes, sketches, and drawings on the work as it developed. To seduce the reader into experiencing the visions of others, the book comes with a CD containing 50 witness statements.”

Fortunately, the site had some extracts and images from Susan Hiller’s book. My wonderful discovery was this: A “Witness” statement from "02.22 China (man)" stated to be by Colonel Li about a UFO incident in China under his command in 1998.

Here was a purported statement from a witness and a case I was long familiar with, but expressed in a way and detail I had not previously encountered.  I had expanded information, including quotes from Colonel Li from the Wuhan Evening News of 25 October 2010, 12 years after the date of the incident.  The 2010 account talks about the writer/journalist visiting with Commander Li and other witnesses in 1998 soon after the original events.  I had not been able to find any account of this incident earlier than 2010.  Even CURO – the China UFO Research Organisation – referred to the same source I had.  There were plenty of other Chinese language versions of the story but they all seemed based on the 2010 Chinese media story.

There in Susan Hiller’s Witness work and book was Colonel Li talking about events (in the “voices” it was recreated from the words used by Susan Hiller’s source) that were related to the extraordinary 1998 Chinese “solid light” case I had been deeply researching since 2010:

From a 2012 talk I gave - "UFO in my eyes - Bill Chalker's personal journey through the complexities of the Chinese UFO experience and its reflections in the wider worldwide UFO experience" I put up a PowerPoint slide about this case:

While I focused on Zhao Xu’s involvement, the quote I highlighted came from Colonel Li (not from Zhao Xu, as I first thought), based on the close-up witness observations from the jet interceptor he had sent up – the J-6 crew, Hu Shaoheng and Liu Ming:

"Surprisingly these two light beams of light were not as we normally see light beams, as has been according to the distance and spread, but as two light-emitting entities, sticking out from the bottom of the UFO ending on a certain length. At least today we have not got control of this sort of light technology."


I have written about this important case before, as it represented an impressive example of the apparent deployment of so-called “solid light.” 


Now, in a pandemic isolated world, during April 2020 I wanted to find out how Susan Hiller had managed to use an apparent quote from Colonel Li in her art, when deep searches of the Chinese internet reference for 1998 through to 2010 had so-far failed to reveal it.


I knew who could help, so I reached out to her, and help me she did, in striking ways – Anne Loxely created connections with Sydney 2002 event, with Artangel in London, which led to contact with Susan Hiller’s son. Anne reminded me, “that project we did together was SUCH fun.”

Anne Loxely and me at the Visitors exhibition

Back in 2007, Anne and her co-curator, Regina Walter, approached me with their idea for a UFO & related art exhibition at the Penrith Regional Gallery (& The Lewers Bequest), west of Sydney, at the beautiful house and grounds overlooking the Nepean River. Anne and Regina asked me to join them as a consultant and writer.  I asked what they had in mind, perhaps a single room display. No, it turned out the whole of the multi-roomed gallery was turned over to the exhibition – “THE VISITORS – the Australian response. 15 established artists contributed a body of fascinating works ranging from paintings, sculptures, installations and other artistic media expressions. I contributed an essay “The OZ Files Unbound” and recommended reading list for the 64-page exhibition catalogue, extensive material, including case files for an evidence room and a walk through lecture covering the evidence and my take on the exhibition artworks. The exhibition was well received and highly successful.  

Co-curator, Regina Walter, and me at the Visitors exhibition

Some of the evidence room exhibition:

(Above) Myself and some of the evidence room - all items were from my personal files/collection.

Some of the great art of the Visitor exhibition:

Tony Albert, AustrALIEN, 2007
Vernon Treweeke, "Self portrait Painting a UFO", c. 2005
The UFO in the detail, in fluorescent paint. Put on the special glasses & what do we see?

I have always enjoyed art in its many forms.  In fact, in my high school years I was one of those oddities who were not well catered for in the Australian public education system of the 1960s – somebody who wanted to do both art and science. Even though I excelled in my school art journey, ultimately I had to make a choice by my 5th year and science won out. Never-the-less my love of art and my abilities in drawing were never really silenced. Some of my sketches illustrated Australia’s first UFO entity catalogue I co-authored with Keith Basterfield in 1976 and others have accompanied my various reports and case investigations over the years. My sketching skills became a very useful tool in my research. For example my rendering of the 1969 Harwood Island close encounter:

And (above) my "forensic" rendering of Victor Z.'s 1966 Westall close encounter

None of it would have made it into mainstream art and I occasionally wondered “what-if?” What if I had pursued the artistic vision more forcefully? Still, art does hold an alluring siren call over me and I enjoy and meditate on its wonderful expressions.  

The Witness and the Visitor exhibitions are wonderful expressions of that potent trinity of science, art and UFOs.

Below, my own "impressive" immersive art installation, "Are the Visitors getting on top of Bill?" (2007):

(All photos from the Visitors exhibition: Bill Chalker)

 A version of this story appeared in the May/June 2020 issue of the UK e-magazine "UFO Truth"