Wednesday, June 26, 2019

The famous Gill sightings of 1959 - 60 years ago on 26 June

Sixty years ago on 26 June 1959 something extraordinary occurred in the then Australian protectorate Papua New Guinea.
See these links to some of my previous engagements with this fascinating story.  On a personal level I had met William (Bill) Gill and found him to be a most impressive man and very credible as a witness.  26 June also resonates with me as its my birthday.
So to celebrate a great person and a remarkable experience examine the 2 stories at this link:
My tribute to the man and the experience:

Reverend William (Bill) Booth Gill (1928-2007)

and my essay on what he saw and what he believed:

Rev William Gill and the 1959 Boianai Visitants - what he saw and what he believed

Scroll through the link below for these 2 stories and also for, in particular, how the UFO story, and particularly the Gill sightings affected one of our greatest authors - Randolph Stow:

Randolph Stow, Visitants and the call of the UFO

The CUFOS IUR drawing done by Allen Hendry 
with Bill Gill's involvement
Bill Gill's own drawing


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