Saturday, November 22, 2014

Did a "Lightship" "airship" help create an alien abduction milieu?

Be prepared for "UFO reports" particularly at night over Sydney and Melbourne and parts in between, during November and beyond, as another "lightship" is doing the aerial rounds.
Thanks to Steve for the alert. He made ​​a sighting of the airship over the Eastern Suburbs Sydney just after midday Saturday 22nd November from near North Sydney. 
"Lightships" over The Sydney region have generated "UFO reports" and perhaps even an abduction story or so. 
I recollect many years ago chasing the "Lightship" around to figure out its Sydney area flight path and was near a certain location that became the focus of an "alien abduction" story. One landing point for the "lightship" was not far away. I saw it anchored on the ground at that facility.
I felt that the "Lightship" may have generated a number of distant sightings, even so-called "close encounter" sightings, and more extraordinarily, one allegedly involving "missing time", that then became a "fully realised alien abduction story" possibly assisted along by the administration of hypnosis mediated by a strong will to believe.
While I accept that the party Involved believe that a genuine experience may have taken place, as I was in that general location around the same time, shadowing the "airship" I have thought that perhaps it was the stimulus for this intriguing "abduction" milieu?
This conjunction of "lightship" orbits around the city region, its path taking in over the general area of a "close encounter" and subsequent "alien abduction" milieu, has long troubled me.
I am aware also that some parties do not like to have the nature of their experiences challenged. One gets cast as a "debunker", when all one is trying to do is determine what really happened - genuine abduction, missing time and close encounter, or the collision of a passionate will to believe and a mediated creation of an "alien abduction". scenario.
Either answer is extraordinary for a whole lot of reasons.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Visions of "the Humanoids of OZ"

Back in 1976 Keith Basterfield and I collaborated on Australia's first catalogue collection of Close Encounters of the Third Kind (after Dr. J. Allen Hynek's definitions from his foundational book "The UFO EXperience - a scientific enquiry" (1972) and also popularised by Steven Speilberg's blockbuster "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" (1977).  For this I drew a series of drawings for some of the cases.  Here are those drawings of mine.  These scans were handy but the originals are much sharper.  Maybe I will colorise them sometime:

Keith went on to specialised in the "entity" cases while I focused on UFO landing physical traces, given my background in physical chemistry as a laboratory and quality manager and chemist.
My old friend Ray Stanford, author of the classic work on the famous 1964 "Socorro Saucer in a Pentagon Pantry", recently supplied me with a revised accurate artwork originally done by John Lucas and colourised by Ray. Be prepaid for some fascinating developments on this remarkable case. Great artwork of a case that is both a CE2 & CE3.
Socorro drawing: Copyright Ray Stanford/John Lucas (used with permission)
Australian "humanoid" drawings by Bill Chalker - Copyright Bill Chalker: (1976/2014)