Friday, September 05, 2014

"Hair of the Alien" & "the Alien DNA paradigm" redux: 1999 - 2014 & beyond

      "Hair of the Alien" - "the single most convincing fact ever found in support of the physical reality of aliens" - Whitley Strieber author of the best selling book “Communion” - in "Whitley's Journal", Sunday August 7th, 2005

“In his remarkable book (“Hair of the Alien”leading Australian researcher Bill Chalker, who has  a background in chemistry and mathematics, describes his exemplary investigations into what has  turned out to be arguably the most convincing case for alien abduction (the Peter Khoury case)”      - Timothy Good “Earth – an alien Enterprise” (2013)

      Historian Richard Dolan has included a limited summary of the breakthrough Khoury “Hair of the Alien” DNA research story in his book “UFOs for the 21st century mind – a fresh guide to an ancient mystery” (2014) as a good example of “Encounters with “Them” that “are difficult to dismiss out of hand.”
      "Hair of the Alien" brings us closer than ever before to understanding our past, our origins, and our place in the universe" - from the back cover of the book.
The "alien DNA paradigm" focuses on evidence for alien genetic “intelligent intervention” in various cultures (particularly indigenous cultures) around the world, and has been  driven by:
• Locations with high strangeness/breakthrough activities with UFOs, light phenomena, alien abductions
• cultures that feature “sky being” claims, diverse UFO phenomena
• possible unusual DNA markers within these cultures or present selectively or generically in human DNA
• locations or regions which bring together each of these factors (UFO “haunted” location, alien mediated culture, DNA aspects). 

I've drawn together a number of posts that link into "the alien DNA paradigm" hypothesis research. 
Start with the following:
then check out the other posts on the alien DNA paradigm site for some interesting connections.

From the H2 channel "Ancient Aliens" episode in Season 6 which featured the Khoury hair case with Peter Khoury, Dr. Horace Drew and myself briefly discussing the investigation & research

The catalyst for the Alien DNA paradigm - "Hair of the Alien" (available through Amazon in soft cover book & e-book)

Peter Khoury (right) passes a polygraph test conducted by Gavin Wilson

Bill Chalker (physical inorganic chemist) with Dr. Horace Drew (biochemist) who led the DNA studies that highlighted "hybrid" DNA characteristics in the unusual hair sample found during Peter Khoury's strange 1992 experience in Sydney.