Monday, July 28, 2014

The CAIPAN GEIPAN UAP UFO Workshop of July 2014 photo review

Tom Tulien kindly allowed me to use some of the photos he took during the 2 day July 2014 CAIPAN GEIPAN UAP UFO workshop held at CNES headquarters in Paris France.  See my earlier post for an outline of the workshop presentations - an important development in developing a viable UAP UFO science. Photos are copyright Thomas Tulien

Tom Tulien's research into the extraordinary 1968 Minot B52 UFO encounter is a well documented example of a latent and almost lost scientific opportunity for acquiring striking data.
The July 2014 CAIPAN workshop at CNES headquarters in Paris
Dr. Richard Haines of NARCAP presenting his paper 
"Useful Research Methods for Aircrew and Air Traffic Controller UAP Sightings"
Dr. Jacques Vallee presenting his paper 
"Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP): a strategy for research"
which focused on strategic uses of diverse data bases and 
a coordinated effort to combine these data bases
Eduardo Russo addressing UAS/UFO cataloguing activities
Philippe Ailleris describing UAP/UFO field studies
Nico Conti's listing of instrumented field studies of UAP/UFOs
Erling Strand presents a survey of 30 years of research of 
the fascinating Hessdalen light phenomena
Sergey Chernouss describes the Russian auroral display network
Jeremie Vaubaillon discusses the data from the French sky monitoring network
Raymond Piccoli presents data from the lightning laboratory
Xavier Passot head of GEIPAN and the roundtable discussion 
with Ron Westrum, Jacques Arnould, Bertrand Meheust and Jacques Vallee


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