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In the March-April 2012 issue (Vol.15 No.6) of the Australian UFOLOGIST magazine my 5 page report "The Search for historical UFO Reports in Australia" appears.  It is a detailed account of search for pre-1947 UFO events in Australia. I encourage you to support the UFOLOGIST magazine by getting a copy through Australian newsagents or via the publisher Earthlink Publishing, PO Box 738, Jimboomba QLD 4280 Australia.  Also check UFOLOGIST magazine web site

In the article I describe the efforts over the years by various people, including myself, and list the historical cases that have emerged since the earliest attempts I could locate to find such cases - 1958 via early members of the Sydney based UFO Investigation Centre (UFOIC) - through to now.  Here are some extracts from my article:

Back in 1978, in an article entitled “Historical reports in Australia,” I included a reference to a possible UFO sighting during the 1861 Burke and Wills expedition, around June 23rd.  Within days both Burke and Wills would be dead, victims of an expedition gone wrong and paying the ultimate price in the harsh conditions of the Australian outback at Coopers Creek. 2011 was the 150th anniversary of the epic and tragic Burke and Wills expedition.

I have been interested in historical UFO events in Australia and the near region ever since I began my interest in UFOs. My initial conclusion back in 1978 was, Australia like many other counties has a rich crop of UFO sightings long before the modern popularisation of the mystery.  The UFO phenomenon seems to be as old as man himself.” In my original account I used “UFO phenomena” to equate with the likelihood that many things come together that are collectively called the UFO phenomenon, but I prefer to have the latter linking directly to the “core” unexplained and alien phenomenon.

“Historical reports in Australia” prepared by me in 1978 was expressed in various forms between 1978 and 1979 in the “LGM” – the little green magazine - as the ACOS (Australian Co-Ordination Section of the Center for UFO Studies) Bulletin was often called, along with some other brief historical collations.  It was the first focused piece that discussed historical Australian UFO sightings including circa 1830s – Oven River region of eastern Victoria; 1861 – Coopers Creek, central Australia; 1868 – Parramatta, NSW; 1879 – Freemantle, WA; 1881 – at sea between Melbourne and Sydney; 1890s – Orrorro and Moonta, SA; 1893 – central NSW; 1902 – eastern Australia “fireball” epidemic; 1902 – Adelaide SA observatory; 1909 “airship” & “mystery light” reports in New Zealand and Australia; before and after 1912 – Boulia, Qld with the Min Min reports; 1925 – near Moora, WA; 1931 – Francis Chichester’s Tasman sea sighting; 1932 0r 1933 – near Nambour, Qld; mid 1930s – central Qld; 1935 – Nobby’s Head, NSW “UFO photo”; 1944 – Bass Strait; and 2 events from 1947 – Greta Army camp, near Maitland, NSW, and near Newry, Victoria.  Those 19 references spanning the1830s to 1947 started a major quest by me to locate further reports. 

My “Historical reports in Australia article was reprinted a number of times including in the ACUFOS (Australian Centre for UFO Studies) Journal, Vol.2. No. 1 to 4, 1981, and in “UFOs over Australia edited by Mark Moravec & John Prytz (1985).

In 1981 I circulated a “Preliminary listing of Australian Historical UFO Events - Prehistory to 1949” to try to ignite interest in historical UFO cases. This sighting material was largely put together from diverse sources by Paul Cropper and me.  I choose the end year of 1949 because it seemed based on research at the time that 1950 marked the significant beginnings of the Australian UFO experience.  I listed the year, location and a few words about over 110 events, plus 56 New Zealand “airship” events from 1909, as well a few more Fortean or apparitional phenomena. 

I had thought with this extensive historical UFO sightings listing considerable interest would have been ignited.  Instead apart from some researchers passing on a small amount of material, generally speaking interest was non existent.  Rather than put out a detailed document at that point I chose instead to concentrate on detailed case studies of select compelling cases. From this approach emerged the 1868 Birmingham “UFO vision” and 1927 Fernvale documents:
“A UFO Vision? The mystery of ‘A machine to go through the air’, 1873, Parramatta, NSW, Australia, by Bill Chalker, UFORAN, Vol.3, No.1, Jan./Feb.1982. I also wrote a separate article on the 1868 affair for Fortean Times, “Encounter in the Outback”, September, 2002.
“The Terror Down Under”, by Bill Chalker, Fate, September, 1988 (re 1927 Fernvale, NSW, UFO milieu). A much more detailed account was to appear in the Fortean Times special issue devoted to the Mothman, but for whatever reason (possibly length) it did not appear despite being listed in 2 issues as coming in the next issue.  Further details passed onto me by Cecil McGann (the primary witness of the 1927 events) before he passed away, were incorporated into an extended document. 

In 1996 my book “The OZ Files – the Australian UFO story” listed more than 19 historical UFO events: 1793 – Sydney; 1868 – the Birmingham “UFO vision”; 1873 – Birmingham’s “daylight disc”; 1878 – Goulburn “ghost light”; 1879 – Freemantle, WA; 1890s – Orrorro & Moonta SA “ghost lights”; 1893 – central NSW “paralysis” event; 1902 – Adelaide observatory “daylight disc” sighting;  1902 – “fireball” epidemic; the 1909 “airship” in New Zealand; 1909 – Australian reports; 1909 (should be 1910) Minderoo Station event; 1927 – Fernvale NSW events; 1931 – Chichester sighting; 1933 – abduction of aboriginal woman at Discovery Wells, WA (courtesy of Rex Gilroy); 1930s – WA aboriginal “entity” encounter; 1935 – Nobby’s Head “UFO” photo, and 1944 – Bass Strait; 1944 or 1945 – Christchurch NZ “entities”.

For me the 1868 Birmingham “UFO vision” and the 1927 Fernvale affair were the 2 standout historical Australian reports. They allowed very detailed research and investigations.  Of course many of the historical reports may be about natural or prosaic phenomena (these have a value all of their own), but many provocatively suggest indications of a much earlier UFO history than the watershed year of 1947.

The approximate 110 plus reports (not including the 1909 New Zealand “airship” reports) I listed in 1981 has been significantly expanded with my own further research over the past 3 decades, ably assisted by Paul Cropper.  We hope to publish a substantial document describing the extraordinary legacy of historical UFO reports in Australia and the near region.


Blogger Debbie said...

Hi I am not sure what to do or talk to but for the past few months I have been taking photo's of the moon, sunsets and sunrises.
The my son took two photos of my Grandaughters asleep in their beds at night, he took them one after the other. The first picture showed nothing and the second picture was filled with orbes. I became very interested because I have never taken a photo of any orbes befor in my life and I am 53 years old. Any way on the 5th of May, a few nights ago I begun to take photos of my son and grandaughter, sitting in the back part of a Great Wall Ute, and standing. I took quiet a few of them because in just about all of them, I could see so many orbes, some Red,some green,some red, but most of them were a bright white or see through white.
Anyway I will get to the point, I was having a good look at them the next night and discovered, what I thought was a hug bright star at the time, is not a star at all.....I have zoomed in on this object and I swear to god it is a space ship. My children now believe there is something out there and we are not the only ones in the universe. I realised that I had unknowingly taken photos of it when it was past the moon and just a tiny dot, I have about 5 shots of this at different stages taken befor I took the one that you can see clearly what it is, when you zoom in on it.
I am not sure what to do with this info. Can you please point me in the right direction please.
Regards Deborah

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Blogger Dave said...

Hi Bill,

I have read most of your book.

I wonder if you're familiar with Robert Schroeder, he has a book out this year: "Solving the UFO Enigma". It's definitely science based and draws upon the work of Paul Hill "Unconventional Flying Objects: a Scientific Approach"; Richard Haines' "CE-5"; Peter Sturrock's "UFO Enigma". Schroeder goes into some of the latest physics and relates it to some fascinating sightings he has gleaned over the years.

These sightings involve physical effects on water [see also Feindt's] and some reports of light beams being shined toward ufos where the beams bend towards the object. Haines has a report of airplane gyros being affected also.

He suggests that ufos create micro black holes by means of Kaluza-Klein particles which cause the ufo to partially slip into a macro fifth dimension shedding gravitons towards a neighboring brane. By doing so, distances between us and alpha centori is reduced to 25 miles.

Essentially, he thinks ufos are particle accelerators where particles are accelerated at the rim of the craft.


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