Thursday, March 22, 2012


I encourage you to follow the new site I have started focusing on SCIENCE and the UFO CONTROVERSY
I will be using the site to focus on the relationship between science and UFOs.  I will be highlighting the controversial history of science's interaction with the UFO controversy.  I am a strong advocate of the need for a serious and comprehensive engagement by science with the UFO mystery.

My background is in science.  I did an honours science degree at the University of New England at Armidale, New South Wales, Australia, majoring in chemistry and mathematics.  My working career has been in industry as a chemist, laboratory manager and quality assurance manager.

My interest in UFOs began in the mid1960s. By the time I was doing my university degree I was actively engaged in the so-called "forbidden science" of UFOs.  My background has served me well in focusing on a critical but open minded enquiry into the UFO subject. Science has always been an important reference point in my engagement with this controversial subject.

I plan to focus on the international story of science and the UFO controversy in that forum and will be promoting the position that a potent and well funded UFO science is a responsible and legitimate response to the extraordinary UFO phenomenon.  I will be also focusing on science and the UFO controversy with an Australian perspective in a regular column in the Australian newsstand publication UFOLOGIST.  Aspects of that column will appear on that site from time to time.


Mainstream science has not satisfactorily engaged with the UFO mystery.  The disappointing history of that engagement will be discussed there and what can be done and should be done will be covered there.

A number of recommended books are important primers for the focus of the site.  Each of these will be described in more detail in posts to follow. Join me in the exploration of this critically important focus - SCIENCE and the UFO CONTROVERSY


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