Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I have just launched a new site THE ALIEN DNA PARADIGM which will be devoted to research, investigations & commentary focusing on the hypothesis of intelligent alien intervention from a DNA perspective and its key role in the UFO mystery.

The primary catalyst for this fascinating investigation has been the intensive research activities that emerged from the work I undertook from about 1998 to 2005 focusing on the forensic DNA investigations of a number of alien abduction experiences, in particular the extraordinary breakthrough enquiries associated with the experiences of Peter Khoury in Sydney Australia, which were extensively documented in various reports and publications, including my 2005 book HAIR of the ALIEN.
This is both a controversial and fascinating research focus. I will be using the site at to reveal and explain the nature and extent of this work. I have found it to be an extraordinary area of enquiry and given the nature of the information uncovered to date I believe it to be a potential breakthrough in UFO research.
I urge you to support this research and the efforts going into uncovering and documenting this alien DNA paradigm.
The January 2010 material will been introductory in nature:

The Alien DNA Paradigm - an introduction
This research programme began as an attempt to test the reality of alien abduction claims by applying a scientific forensic focus.
The Peter Khoury case study was found to have startling implications apart from confirming the credibility of Peter Khoury's experience. It provided a breakthrough focus on the possible nature of the alien beings that may be involved and what may be going on in alien abduction experiences. Further, the extraordinary case study revealed a fascinating opportunity at focusing on an alien DNA paradigm and ultimately a global alien DNA nexus, where-in evidence is indicating that there appears to have been "intelligent intervention" by what we refer to as aliens, and that evidence for this may also be found in human DNA signatures, particularly among those indigenous cultures that have potent claims of "sky being" lore, and areas with rich and long historical focuses of UFO activity.The World's first DNA PCR investigation of Biological Evidence from an Alien Abduction (this paper was circulated in 2001. It is used here to provide a brief introduction to the "Hair of the Alien" case study. It is followed by an updated (2009) introduction to the 4 phases of the Alien DNA Paradigm investigation with the Khoury case study as its cornerstone and catalyst).