Tuesday, February 07, 2006

LECTURE on the Australian Gold Coast on March 3rd

I will be lecturing at the AUFORN (Australian UFO Research Network) Queensland meeting on March 3rd 2006. The venue will be the Southport community centre, Lawson Street, Southport, on the Gold Coast, starting at 7.30 pm till 11.00 pm. Cost $12.00. Make a booking as seating is limited. Call 07 554 87205, mobile 0427164677 or email Diane@auforn.com

From the flyer:
BILL CHALKER Author of "The OZ Files" and his new book "Hair of the Alien - DNA and other Forensic Evidence of Alien Abduction". "My primary focus in the book is to promote a forensic scientific approach to examining the alien abduction controversy, concentrating on the DNA approach where compelling biological evidence is available."

This 3 hour lecture with Bill Chalker will cover:
  • "Hair of the Alien"
  • "UFOs in China"
Bill was recently in China and has brought back a great deal of information with regard to the Chinese UFO phenomenon.

In addition to the themes of the "alien DNA paradigm", the scientific forensic approach to UFO and alien abduction experiences, and the UFO experience in China, I will also discuss topics such as the controversies surrounding the UFO "history wars", my involvement in the Australian UFO controversy, and past, current and future directions in ufology. I know it will make for a very interesting, entertaining and controversial lecture. I look forward to seeing you there.

Bill Chalker